Sh'ra enters the Stone Trials as a last ditch effort. As the only female contestant, no one gave her a chance of winning, but she never cared to win anyway. She seeks the legendary Stone of power, hidden somewhere in the upper forest, only accessible to contestants. With it, she can restore her family to their rightful place, but the other families are not interested in seeing their return. And behind them, another power lurks with unknown intentions.

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Goddess of Stone - Chapter 1
Sh’ra opened her eyes. Had she slept? She wasn’t sure. She had closed and opened her eyes several times. She knew she should have slept, but how was she supposed to do that before the most important day of her life? This day would determine everything, the entire course of her future. She had not …
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 2
Sh’ra considers her next move after losing the bow.
Chapter 3
She slowed as she reached the wall of rock, stopping within a few paces of it. They had run for an hour or more from the clearing where Teth and the assassin lay dead. She had gotten lost a few times, but had been able to find the trail again. Shin had kept up with her easily. She felt his presence …
Chapter 4
Sh’ra crawled, sometimes on hands and knees, sometimes flat on her stomach, always the stone pressed on every side. After the climb outside, it felt disconcerting to be so enclosed.
Chapter 5
Sh’ra returns from the dwelling of the goddess to find someone other than Shin waiting for her in the cave entrance.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 6
Sh’ra is returned to the capital of the Stone clan where she is put on trial for her crimes.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 7
Sh’ra encounters Teth’s parents and is pulled into their plans.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 8
Sh’ra discovers where Za’reth got his stone of power and his conditions for helping her.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 9
Sh’ra discovers a new use for the stone, and the dangers she faces within it.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 10
Sh’ra encounters someone familiar in the forest.
Chapter 11
Sh’ra begins her training with Lu’rik, and finds an unexpected friend.
Chapter 12
Sh’ra is pursued by Ur’in and discovers a threat to her whole world.
Chapter 13
Sh’ra takes a boat across the sound to the fortress of the Water clan.
Chapter 14
Sh’ra learns more of the history of the Shards and how they are connected to the stones.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 15
Sh’ra scrambles along the coast, seeking a way to the north.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 16
The K’al hears rumors about his lost patrol. Sh’ra seeks entry into the brethren by undergoing the trails of air.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 17
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 16The K’al hears rumors about his lost patrol. Sh’ra seeks entry into the brethren by undergoing the trails of air.Caleb LeNoir Curiosity & Conflict [/gos-ch16/]Forgot what happened last time? Check out Chapter 16!Sh’ra fell, the air howling past her, jagged rocks much clo…
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 18
Sh’ra is awakened before dawn by a knock on her door. She thought she was through the Air clan trials, but finds they have just begun.
Goddess Of Stone - Chapter 19
Sh’ra encounters a familiar face as she makes her way through the city to the training ground. Familiar, but not welcome.
Goddess of Stone - Chapter 20
Sh’ra continues her training with the Air clan and learns a startling discovery about Lorn.
Chapter 21
O’lum met them at the lift. She wished Lorn a good night, indicating with a sniff and a wave of her hand in front of her face that it was time for Sh’ra to head toward the bath. There was a sharp pull at Sh’ra’s insides as he left, like what it must feel like to be the safety hook catching the full …