I meet with a group of fellow creators every Monday morning. The meeting consists of a time of sharing inspiration, challenges and goals for the next week. This is followed by a short presentation from one member. Below is my share for this week and my notes from the presentation.


Goals for last week:
* published chapter 5,
* started moving things to Medium,
* draft of chapter 6 (written but not typed up yet).

* Patrick being pissed - one of my early readers was angry about development in Chapter 5. It's encouraging to me for readers to be invested in the story!
* New outline - after lots of turmoil, the over all plot is much more solid now that it has been. I feel good about where things are going to end, but I'm not sure I'm satisfied yet with how we will get there.
* Harry Potter - somehow JK created characters that people fell in love with. I'm blown away that this is possible and I want to learn how to do it.

* Overwhelmed by this next part
* Afraid I’m not going to be able bring about my vision

* Publish chapter 6 on Friday
* Publish previous chapters to Medium
* Rough draft of chapter 7


We gave Tim feedback on the first 3rd of his manuscript.