I meet with a group of writers from my neighborhood every Monday morning at 6am. This group is the main reason I have made as much progress in my writing as I have. I'm not sure I would be writing at all without them. Some of us are writing books. Some are composing music. We are all working to create something. We review our progress for the week and our goals for the next. The last 20 minutes of the meeting, one of the members will present a learning or ask a question for discussion.

I've decided to start posting what I share with the group each week, so I can have a record of it.


I published the first chapter of Goddess of Stone and I completed the rough draft of chapter 2.


I got some good feedback from a few co-workers who read the chapter. This is the first story I have ever shared, so that felt really good! I also ran across an author on Twitter who receives around $1200/mo in support from his readers on Patreon. It's awesome to see someone further down the self publishing road than me have some success.


I spent some time in my outline this week. I was trying to map out all the parts of Story Grid and the hero's journey. I felt really depressed after doing this because I couldn't figure out all the parts.


  • edit and publish chapter 2 by Friday
  • make progress on chapter 3
  • get comments and emails working on the blog


Tim presented this week. He just got his book back from an editor he hired. He is getting ready to send it out to some early readers and he was wanting some good questions to ask them.

I will be presenting next week, asking for feedback on Chapters 1-2 of Goddess of Stone.