Goals for last week: publish chapter 2, get comments working on blog, draft of chapter 3.

Robert McKee on exposition (flashbacks are exposition). James Islington - I really enjoy his books and there is a lots of exposition in them. Exposition is not bad, it just needs to be put in the right places.

Pushed really hard to get chapter 2 published on Friday morning. I think I was editing for 5 or 6 hours this week, trying to get it just right. Then, I published and I didn't hear much back from people. Not nearly as much as I heard back last week about chapter 1. It sucked to put more energy into both editing and promoting this chapter and to get less feedback on it. It left me feeling like what I do does not matter.

1) publish chapter 3 on Friday
2) get comments working on the blog
3) rough draft of chapter 4

Feedback on chapter 1 and 2 from the group:

1) Was the story engaging?
2) Did you want to read more?
3) How do you feel about the characters?
4) how was the experience reading the story on the blog?