I meet with a group of fellow creators every Monday morning. The meeting consists of a time of sharing inspiration, challenges and goals for the next week. This is followed by a short presentation from one member. Below is my share for this week and my notes from the presentation.


Goals for last week: publish chapter 3, get comments working on blog, draft of chapter 4.

* Got some good feedback from co-workers. A few people have said they are hooked and want more.
* One person even gave me some criticism.

* A lot of re-writing for chapter 3 left me without much time to edit and refine.
* Email notifications might not be working?
* Computer battery not working great

1) publish chapter 4 on Friday
2) get comments working on the blog / make the switch to Medium?
3) rough draft of chapter 5


Ben presented on lessons he has learned from Elements of Style by William Strunk & EB White

  1. Place yourself in the background
    * draw attention to the writing not the writer
  2. Do not overstate
    * when you overstate, readers will be instantly on guard
  3. Avoid the use of qualifiers
    * "little", "pretty", "very", "so"
  4. Do not affect a breezy manner
    * i.e. - writing slang with neither provocation nor ingenuity
  5. Use orthodox spelling
    * not doing so distracts and exhausts the reader
  6. Do not explain too much
    * it is seldom advisable to tell all
    * let the conversation disclose the speakers manner and condition
  7. Do not inject opinion
    * "no one actually cares about you"
  8. Do not take shortcuts at the cost of clarity