I want to write a book. I started three or four months ago with this goal. My plan was to wake up at 5am every day (except Saturday) and write for 30 minutes. This worked pretty well for about 3 months. I got up and made progress. In mid October, I crossed 75k words. I felt pretty good about that. Then something happened. I'm not exactly sure what it was. It was probably a mix of things. But whatever it was, I stopped writing. I have tried a few times since, but I have not been able to find the motivation to stick with it that I had before.

Here is the rough outline of my old plan:

Writing Plan V1

Goal: Write a book - a really awesome, change people's lives kind of book. It will be fantasy. It will be ridiculously long, like fantasy books are. And it will be awesome. It will be an epic journey of transformation embedded in a compelling, page turning plot.

Plan: Wake up every morning at 5am (except Saturday) and write for at least 30 minutes.

Results: In a 3 month period, I wrote about 80k words. I began three different stories. I wrote the ending to one story. The middle is still missing.

Overall, it is hard for me to say this plan was a failure. Rather, it succeeding quite well in getting me started. It's only flaw is that it is not working anymore. In the past I would have beat myself up for awhile and felt really guilty to try to motivate myself to stick to my made up plan. The plan is never the problem, it's the person. Or something of the sort. I don't believe that anymore though. If the plan isn't working, it's time to get rid of it and find a new one that will work for me right now.

Writing Plan V2

Goal: Finish a story. More specifically, write each of the 15 scenes laid out in the Story Grid foolscap.


  • Write first on paper
  • Edit in Scrivener
  • Publish a scene each week on Friday on this site
  • 15 scenes in 15 weeks

My working title for the story is Goddess of Earth Goddess of Stone. It is the tale of Sh'ra, a girl in line to become the first queen of her people in 500 years if she can complete the trials. Giving myself space for the insanity of Thanksgiving, I will publish the first scene (the Inciting Incident) on Friday December 6, 2019. Wish me luck!